Nechama Levendel born 1961 in Israel.
In 1979 graduated Wizo France Tel Aviv- school of the arts.
Since 1984 living in Ein Hod artists village – Israel.
Nechama lived and worked with the artist Nadav Bloch in
Israel and abroad.

Artist statement
In the year 2000, while working in Germany as a guest artist, on a cold winter day wondering around the flee market, i came across a pile of books placed on the black cold tar road, While reaching to look into one of them a storm of thoughts went threw my mind: what were their origins. who held them. i bought them all without checking what they were.
I new they all must have a personal a story.
I chose books as a theme for my work because books contain personal, social and
environmental element with both local and universal messages and values, which change in relation to
time and place.
Through an artistic journey in different countries, relationships were formed with the native inhabitants. My work incorporated books I received, together with my local experience and knowledge The books are bound and wover with local items found. such as samples of illustrations and weaving, local texts, used candles from local churches, and other treasures. By using the region’s shades and the motif of rust color to indicate the changes
in time, and meticulously coded messages, the books change their destiny – from clear structures of sentences and ideas
they become objects, some architectural, that hold an esthetic visual message.
Since 2013 working only with book covers combined with first and last pages of used books creating new scenery.