Levendel – Bloch
A Place for Art

The Levendel-Bloch Gallery, which has been operating for many years, is located in the Ein Hod Artists Village at the foothills of the Carmel Mountain, overlooking the Mediterranean.
For almost thirty years, my partner – Nadav Bloch – and I worked together on various projects in Israel and abroad.
We participated in international artists’ encounters, worked and showed our work in exhibitions in various countries, and became acquainted with artists from various disciplines, forging connections and profound friendships.
Our gallery has hosted many artists from abroad for varying lengths of time, and we have showed their work to the Israeli public, expanding and cooperating with the Janco­Dada Museum in Ein Hod.

In November 2011, Nadav passed away after a short illness, leaving behind a wealth of activities and cultural experiences.
Nadav was by nature a curious man with a creative spirit, a man who loved art as a way of life.
Together, we hosted in our gallery exhibitions, musical events, and other cultural gatherings.
Nadav believed that every interpersonal encounter generates new ideas and endeavors.
To continue our joint work and to perpetuate Nadav’s many artistic and cultural ventures, I have opened the work studio, and intend to focus its activity to promote these concepts.

A Place for Art will be a meeting place for creative individuals in the tields of plastic arts, photography, cinema, creative writing, architecture, and more.
Its goal is to host artists from Israel and abroad, to offer work and exhibition space, to provide exposure, and to form encounters and foster future connections.

A Place for Art is dedicated to Nadav’s memory and artistic journey over the years, with an emphasis on encounters and creativity.

Nechama Levendel