Nadav Bloch

Creative artist and lover of the land, born at Kibbutz Tel Yosef in the Jezreel Valley (Israel)
Nadav established a foundry for bronze statues and specialized in creating patinas. He moved to Ein Hod in 1974.

Nadav’s creative work was produced through a fascinating journey all over the world encountering with texts – old and new, sacred and secular, produced his artwork. People use texts as a tool to communicate, and to relay messages, ideas, concepts and meanings that can explain and interpret the world of imagery and phenomenology. Art uses the language of symbols as an intermediary to relay messages from the artist to the viewer.

Together with the artist Nechama Levendel theyshowed numerous exhibitions in Israel, Scotland, the Shetland Islands, the Balkans, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Cuba and many more.
During the last decade, Nadav’s artistic work dealt primarily with the importance of interpersonal and particularly inter-religious dialog in various languages, and the significance of the written text.

In Ein Hod he initiated artistic events – exhibitions, artists’ gatherings and hospitality of artists from abroad.
Nadav was also among the organizers of the traditional “Golden Calf” ritual, held annually on Pessach at Ein Hod.

In the last year of his life, following the devastating Carmel forest fire in 2010, Nadav was busy founding NATAV (Hebrew acronym of ‘planting hope on the Carmel’) – a nonprofit organization dedicated to inter-community cooperation for the rehabilitation of the Carmel area.